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The Whole New World of Alan Menken
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Out-of-print Cast Recordings and Soundtracks
• "Lincoln"    • "Weird Romance"    • "Life With Mikey"    • "The Music Behind the Magic"    • "A Christmas Carol"    • "King David"
• "Der Glöckner von Notre Dame"    • "Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular"    • "Home on the Range"
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Songs from Out-of-print Albums
• "By Your Side"    • "These Are the Good Times"    • Original orchestral accompaniments from "Pocahontas" (6 songs)
• "Hero"    • "Grouchelot"    • "The Story of My Life"    • "For Love of You"    • "Shooting Star"
• "God Bless Us Everyone" (Performed by Alan Menken)    • "A Place Called Home" (Performed by Alan Menken & Laurie Beechman)
• "In the Cards"    • "Pink Fish"    • "A Change in Me"

Songs from Rare Recordings
• "Wonderful Ways to Say No"    • "Wonderful Ways to Say No (End Credits)"    • "Todos un Pueblo"
• "Colors of the Wind (Radio Mix)" (CD single version; voice harmonies on several phrases.)
• "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" Demos:
  "The Bells of Notre Dame", "Out There", "Heaven's Light / Hellfire","Someday", "In a Place of Miracles", "As Long As There's a Moon"
• "Compass of Your Heart" (Japanese)
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Unofficial Recordings
• "God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater" demo (17 songs)
• "The Dream on Royal Street" demo (16 songs)
• "Little Shop of Horrors" demo (20 songs)
• "The Honeymooners" demo (8 songs)
• "Kicks: The Showgirl Musical" demo (21 songs)
• "The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz" demo (23 songs)
• Expanded versions of the songs from "Little Shop of Horrors" (5 songs)
• "Part of Your World" original orchestral accompaniment from the movie
• "Beauty and the Beast" demo (3 songs, not included in "The Music Behind the Magic")
• "A Whole New World" original orchestral accompaniment from the movie
• Definitive soundtrack from "Home on the Range" (27 scores)
• "Noel" soundtrack (9 scores and 1 song)
• "The Little Mermaid: a Broadway Musical" workshop demo (18 songs)
• Definitive soundtrack from "Tangled" (36 scores)